SIS Delivery Solutions

SIS’s delivery network can deliver any betting content anywhere in the world with ultra-low-latency and best in class platforms

For over 30 years SIS has been delivering betting content to global operators. Through our range of delivery solutions we are able to delivery our content to your sportsbook or retail shop anywhere in the world.


SIS has been delivering content via our satellite network for more than 30 years.
Customers trust us to deliver robust and reliable distribution to their shops in the UK, Ireland and overseas.

We can deliver our own SIS channels or assist in production and delivery of customer-owned channels to a single shop or across an entire estate.


With digital channels increasingly important in the delivery of content, IPTV streaming solution from SIS Stream gives bookmakers unprecedented flexibility and almost unlimited capacity for new and bespoke content.

Stream any sporting content via internal network, public internet or even satellite IP network to any destination globally. It’s even possible to tailor the experience per region, per shop and even per screen, to give customers exactly what they want.

Plus, with its optimised low latency, SIS Stream is capable of delivering content faster than traditional satellite methods and ahead of other platforms, ensuring your customers’ betting experience is even better.

SIS Stream Online

SIS are proud to offer an industry-leading, multi-platform streaming service with a global reach. SIS Stream provides, via our low-latency live web streaming technology, unprecedented flexibility and almost unlimited capacity for new and bespoke content.