SIS Production Solutions

Increase brand loyalty with your own branded channel for online or retail

A bespoke branded channel for operators has for many years only been a possibility for the largest retail operators as these channel have been created in a multi-operator television gallery. SIS’s latest innovation CAP (Complex Automated Production) enables operators to have their own channel for a much lower cost as the innovation reduces headcount from between 10-15 for one channel to 6 for six channels.

CAP’s systems allow us to highly automate the production of these channels through software systems designed in-house, leveraging the data SIS collects and sources from third-party vendors to inform the automation systems as to when and how it should display events.


One of its unique features is its ability to allow remote editorial control, via a web browser. A customer based anywhere in the world could have control over the content and output of a CAP channel.

It is low-cost and easy-to-integrate that significantly upgrades the production and delivery of video content to the betting industry.
The system, which has been rolled out across SIS-branded channels, can be delivered to any broadcast system required.

We are able to offer operators a number of flexible options for a bespoke channel to fit their needs

Features & Benefits


The system is capable of delivering a wide range of channel complexities from the single CAP software environment; from a single router switched feed, through to a full channel production with replay, graphics and audio mixing. This is an out-of-the-box capability without the need for lengthy development cycles to deliver each variant.


The design of the system allows for on-the-fly alteration of the content supplied to customers through CAP. As long as SIS are able to acquire the pictures and data relating to an event, the CAP system is able to be configured by the user to include it as part of the channel’s output, at any time before the event takes place.


The system is distribution-neutral, meaning that we can provide outputs to any distribution platform depending on the customer requirements. With further development, CAP would be capable of controlling elements of the distribution systems of RETAIL and streaming products.

Cost to market

The cost of deploying a customer channel through the CAP system is significantly less than it would be through traditional broadcast technologies. This is a key enabler for SIS to be able to provide a pictures and data product to customers who would otherwise be unable to afford the investment required to create a bespoke TV channel.