SIS Latin American Horse Racing Content

Keep your customers engaged online and in shop after UK horse racing has finished

Racing from South America is the ideal product to keep your customers interested after UK and Irish racing has finished.

There are meetings virtually every day at an ideal time for UK and European operators.

More than 4,000 races a year can be delivered to you via satellite or our ultra-low-latency streaming platform, SIS Stream.

Format options include “Watch & Bet”, which allows punters to access the action before placing a bet, as well as the traditional “Bet & Watch” model.

Daily schedules are provided by our dedicated Data Operations team. Our comprehensive data set includes runners, riders and form, race-day messages and results, plus indicative pricing.

Latin American Horse Racing (LARC)

Features & Benefits

Increase dwell time after UK horse racing has finished

Ideal time of day for UK and European Operators – 17:30 to 23:30 (UK Time)

Consistent schedule

Over 4,000 races a year with racing virtually every day of the year

End-to-end solution

We can provide operators a full end-to-end solution with pre-race and race day data, live streaming pictures, starting prices and optional early prices and derivatives


The service is available on both “watch and bet” and “bet and watch” models

Additional Services

SIS Latin American Horse Racing Content can be complemented by a number of SIS services allowing you to provide a better experience for your customers and saving you time and resources:

Audio commentary (non-standard)

Audio is provided in English language as standard. Additional languages offered on request

SIS Trading Services

In addition to the standard betting shows and starting prices included in the core service, SIS Trading Services can compile early prices and derivative markets to provide additional betting opportunities

Live racing channel

Offers a live racing channel solution that can be branded and tailored to your needs.  Added flexibility of choosing which content and schedules to show across your sportsbook or retail estate. (Software solution created by SIS)

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View SIS brochure